Battle Forces Mod ApK Latest v0.10.15 (Online shooter)

App Namebattle Force
Latest Versionv0.10.15
publisherWorld War 2 Shooter offline
RequirementsAndroid 6.0
Size360 Mb
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Battle Forces online shooter Apk Description

Battle Forces Mod Apk is an FPS online shooter game, in the gameplay, you will travel to some wonderful places to search for and destroy your enemies. FPS is a type of game that is liked by most players around the globe for the experience. Nowadays in the marketplace, you can find several FPS games for enjoyment.

As there are so many FPS games available, therefore the users have a difficult situation that how to find and play the best quality FPS game. Thus the Battle Forces Mod Apk is the only choice to satisfaction for all the needs of a quality player. You will be satisfied in the game when you fulfill all the requirements for the gameplay, and will never feel any fear against those players, who come to challenge you in-game.

Battle forces Apk is an action/shooter FPS game with a unique style. This is a new and unique style game related to other FPS games. This game has exciting and extreme combats and many special features. a player can fight and travel with friends for gaining some initial precious rewards. This latest version of the FPS game is the product of Electronic Arts.

Now the developers improved this game and have a huge number of features regardless of the old Version. So this new version includes an enlarged damage model, and a new of the game (these are mostly carrier control and carrier assault), from five against five players fight up to 12 players fights.

The best update in the FPS Battle Force online shooter is now you can use pay-per-battle rules, in these rules the player has a chance to get credits during a fight rather than money. Then you can use these credits to buy extra missions. When you complete these missions successfully you can get more extra credits. So you can use these credits for buying more equipment and unique guns and other things. In this way using credits is more profitable than the money used in the old version of the game.


Battle Forces have exceptional and new gameplay but retain some of the basics of an FPS game. Battle Forces uses exceptional and advanced gameplay but also contains the basics of the FPS game.

Also, the game uses intelligence features to help and support the players during battles. Using the intelligence feature the player can flexibly move forward and have high accuracy in shooting the target. The interior design of the game is so pure that without any hurdle a player can view the target clearly. If you want to change the control buttons’ position or any other position of the system, you can change it easily for a better experience. There are six different classes of characters, while in the future more characters will be updated soon.

The characters are differentiated according to their fighting skills, not on their arrival in the gameplay. The player can choose one character at a time according to his fighting style and can use weapons according to the characteristics of the chosen character. Also, a player can use special skills for his stronger position in the gameplay. But the player cannot use these special skills repeatedly. You need to reset this process when killed in the gameplay.

There are different beautiful in the gameplay; everyone has a specific rule for playing, for winning the gameplay you need to support your teammates. Other than the game it includes different equipment and weapons. For each type of character, there are specific weapons.

So the player needs to use six different character classes continuously. Weapons are classified according to the power of the weapon. The higher-ranked weapon is more powerful than the lower rank. And for each high-power weapon, you will get a bonus.


Battle Forces Mod Apk online shooter game is a first-class FPS game, which includes the most advance and realistic features for those players who always wish to contribute to FPS online games. Let’s discuss all the features of Battle Forces one by one.


 In this game, the team of five players will fight against the opposite team having five players. Each fight on the battlefield is up to five minutes limit. In the given time limit the team who kills the most number of enemies will win the session and will gain the experience.


Battle Forces have a default user-friendly control system. For movement of your character use your left thumb, for the aim you can use your right thumb. For changing weapons you can use the buttons available on the right side of the screen. Or you can customize the control system according to your needs by clicking the options in the menu.


Battle Forces have a standard game which is called “classic team death match”. In this there is a five minutes fight between the two teams having five players on each team. If a player achieves to kill an enemy he can also take his weapon, which can give you the advantage if your enemy has a highly ranked weapon than you.


Battle Forces APK includes more than six such Gunship Battle Helicopter Apk characters to unlock. Each character has its own special skills, using these skills at the preferred time in the gameplay.


Battle Forces online shooter APK as mentioned in the game name. This is online gameplay where all the players are coming to fight against the opponent players from all around the world. Players are fighting in the form of teammates against the opposite team. Each team is consisting of four or five members to fight in the battle against the opponent team. All the members of any team are actual human beings from any part of the globe.

So it is a very difficult and tough battle to win against the other players. Players are enjoying shooting in such realistic gameplay. The task of a player is very simple and straightforward, just try to shoot as many opponents as you can in the given time slot of five minutes, and get the victory in the given task. After five minutes of the battle task end, the winner of the task is the team who have more numbers of killing as teamwork. Therefore try to kill more enemies with your best skills and tactics and become the winner of the gameplay.


Battle Force online shooter game gives the player an option to choose a character from the given six different characters for the fight. Each character is consisting of its own skills and rules that a player needs to use on the battlefield. Some character has the specialty to run fast, some characters have the ability to recover HP for their teammates.

Not only these each character has its own structure and stories to help the player during battle. When you unlock a character you can find its special effects and help you in the gameplay. Not only the characters but the game has a good collection of advanced and strong weapons. These weapons mostly include SMG, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifles, and some other equipment.


Battle Forces MOD Apk will definitely inspire you at the first glance when you look at the graphics used by our development team during the battle clashes; it looks like the real locations in our physical world.

The players will completely fall in love with this game and will definitely spend a lot of time playing this game to get more experience with the gameplay. There are more and more beautiful and realistic locations in the gameplay where a player wants to go through and enjoy the game places. But remember in mind you can face your opponent at any time and any location in the gameplay.


As we almost discussed different aspects of the gameplay which include the features of the game, characters used in the game, different weapons, the control system, the realistic graphics, and almost everything was discussed. Now we are trying to share our practical and real experience of the Battle Force which will help you to get a stronger hold on the game in a possible short time, and become the winner in the gameplay. Let’s talk about it one by one.


Battle Forces will encourage you to combine your friends and start from the first level to fight against your enemies as teammates. The objective of the game is clear and easy to learn: each player needs to collect points for his team according to the time limits he kills the enemies.

Remember if a player is kicked out from the gameplay, he can come back to his team after a period of waiting time. Also, you need to use your best strategies and thinking to change the weapons regularly, and more dangerously destroy your enemies. In addition to your own weapons, you can also catch the weapons of your enemies, this is the main technique almost used in every FPS game.

Players are involved in capturing the enemy’s weapons when they kill or destroy the enemies. Use different strategies in different situations to take a stronger hold against the enemies in the gameplay. For example, you can play the role of shooting the enemies with a shotgun in the direct shooting method. If you shot the enemy directly at a close distance, with a few shoots you can suddenly kill him. Also, you can attack enemies from a hide location unpredictably.

These are the basic attack skills that a player needs to know about it. But also you need to remember and learn about the character’s helping features for the players. These characters supporting the player features are present in the middle of the screen. A player can find it easily and study to use these characters for help in difficult situations of the gameplay.

Using the characters is most needy and helpful in out-of-health conditions, and in current health conditions, the color of the display is changed which always shows your trouble condition. This feature is always you need to remember.


In Battle Forces, your strategy is very important for winning battles against enemies. For example, you can choose a hero for your team suitable to fight more aggressively according to his skills and win the fight for his teammates. Not only characters are helpful to you but also the upgrade system of the game is useful to promote your weapons. Adding more equipment to the weapons can also increase your military capability. Adding extra equipment includes sights, silencers, flash hiders, and different skins for each gun. A player can unlock new skins for his guns, which will bring more excitement to the gameplay.


In Battle Forces, an Online Shooter game shooting the enemies and destroying their places is counting for your best ranking. Also, some other actions are useful to earn you a high ranking. When a player reaches to high ranking in the game, he will get a promotion to high-ranked positions. Also, promotion to a higher rank will unlock some advanced features of the game.


Battle Forces have a new update of “SUPER BATTLEFRONT”. If a player failed to capture a place on his first try, now he can replay that battle again using the backup battles formula added to this version. This is the best update for the players to continue their missions of success without any interruptions.


We already discussed all the details of the Battle ForcesMod Apk Online Shooter Game. We recommend you this APK version of the game. You will find all the functions and features of the game free of cost. All the characters/gears are unlocked to enjoy using this. For more details about the game, or any difficulty you feel during the setup write to us with full of confidence. Thanks


1. When you click the button, the APK file will start.

2. Now search on your device for the file and open it to install.

3. In your device settings, open the security folder and click to make on unknown resources.

4. Finally the game is ready to play on your mobile device.

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