Can 4GB RAM is Enough For Mobile Phones? Researcher Review

Every New year launched new smarts phones and games. But if any one person thinking before the buy new mobile how much ram for my android phones in 2022. The general Android Specialist is definite to discover how much RAM your device requires in order to work correctly and lead a little testing.

The newspaper employed three devices for the experiment: the Pixel 3 XL (4 GB RAM), the OnePlus 9 Pro (8 GB RAM), and the Galaxy S21 Ultra (12 GB RAM). Google and Samsung cellphones were consecutively the greatest recent version of Android phones, while OnePlus was consecutively Android 11. Through the experimentation, new games were unlocked successively on the plans until one of them “flew off.”

As predicted, the poorest result revealed a Pixel 3 XL with 4 gigabytes of RAM, that was just adequate to run three games; whenever the third game began, the first game “fell out.” Because of the firmware, that lets loose games before the end of free RAM, we were not able to thoroughly test the OnePlus 9 Pro. The S21 Ultra produced the greatest results since it could load all of the games, whereas the investigators had to fill the CPU with Browser as well.


Is enough 4GB Ram for mobile users

Ans: yes, that is great for browsing, video streaming, and for social media. But for high voltage games and that is not good for it. For high voltage games, you must require 8GB RAM.

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