Dragon City game 2022 Latest Version 22.3.2 (Unlimited Money, Gems)

App NameDragon City
size137 Mb
publisherSocial point
compatible withAndroid 4.4+
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Dragon City game Description

At this time if you want I play games and search for great games I will recommend the dragon city game because it is a popular and most easy game among other games. Dragon City Mobile is also available in unlimited gems and unlimited gold.

Form a magical sphere in Dragon City! Increase hundreds of dragons, breed them and mark them equal up in edict to develop a Dragon Master!

You can play it and enjoy the time you can gameplay with your friends and demonstrate your strength. Enjoy it and play with android, or tablet even you can invite friends on Facebook and then play.

Why dragon city game is so special from others?

From time to time every game is running too popular but the dragon city game’s latest version is so special and includes unlimited money and much more I will define some key points.

Sounds and graphics                                                  

Very high-quality sound in dragon city and also available different clear, funny voices in dragon. This game presents great graphics, 3D models, and flush animation. Therefore people also love this android game because it also available the best sounds and graphics.

Dragon City

Dragon city is one of the best games, it’s almost crossed 100 million players with high positive feedback. Dragon city launched first time in 2013 from a social point. If we are looking at other games or this game’s old version from time to time this game is more popular. This game is played with very good strategy, also easy for beginners to professionals.

When you start the game you should have complete knowledge about this game so that you will be comfortable in this game. After all this information you have to make a dragon city after this, you will play online rivals and you have to save your all building habits, and home all these things.

If you have finished anything like coins you will be able to get more coins there are many games, but there are too many gamers who do not afford more coins, money, and gems in this dragon city game. So for all those gamers who want to play games with a lot of money, gems, and coins so now will not have any problem, because now I will tell you dragon city everything in it is unlimited.

players Reviews

It is one of the further most amazing and enjoyable games for new players I’ve played. I love gathering dragons and gems and totally the extra things. They are certain awe-inspiring dragons to gather and I think others will play this game as fine.

The Dragon City game is an unbeatable amazing game I ensure played so distant it’s not similar to monster legends they prepared the game too hard monster legends made the game also tough but the dragon city is easy of all over the game world.

This game is truthfully astounding and I love it then it should have calmer conduct to become coins and I am not requesting to get extra dragons cuz there were previously 1600 dragons.

Dragon city game

In this new version, you can do whatever you want so everything in it gets unlimited. This makes your game much easier in this dragon city version you will be fighting with every player it is a popular game it also has 100 million users.

There will be a lot with you in this game. When you show this to your friend, he will be impressed. In this dragon city new version you will get unlimited gems, money, and gold this will make your game easier, and you will not have to spend money out of your own pocket. I personally use this version in this version everything is fine to work.

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Unlimited gold

Gold is the main feature of the Dragon City game it is our gold shop for you everything. It will have a lot of gold in it, you can a lot of this throwaway.

This is the most important feature of this Dragon City, where you will get unlimited gold. You can use this gold to buy various resources from the shop.

As we notice it, golds play the main role in building the best Dragon City. To put on Habitats in cities such as terra habitat, Fire habitat, ocean habitat, and many of those leftover, we require gold. There are many dragons like Sea Dragon, variety Dragon, and numerous others, which can be unsealed by utilizing gold.

Unlimited gems

Same as unlimited gold, they are important to play role in the Dragon City, they are also used for dragon battle, to build and add some important buildings, and to unlock important unlimited magical dragon.

As well, several caged dragons can be accepted by only utilizing gems. You will discover these caged dragons in each location. You will apply unlimited gems to unsealed us and breed them to make a too much more forceful dragon.

As well, with the unlimited gem, you can easily add to your game different types of dragons such as jelly and volcano dragons, dual dragons, and much more.

PVP combat battle: player versus player

Several and too many battles include in this game. PVP is of importance to them. Each day 80 to 100 million players play this game; half of the player is a professional players from them. These are the best gamers of this game If you want me to become a master then you have to work hard and lose anyone with your individual dragon.

You can fight with everyone easily with a powerful dragon that is your choice you can play any match, but my advice you and suggest you if you are a new player so do not play a match with an experienced player and not challenge an experienced player in PVP battle if you have just started.

Add free

Every gamer wants to have no ads shown during the game. Feel free to play the game this is dragon city. in this version they do not show ads.

Dragon City features

  • Unlock all dragons
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited food
  • Unlimited gems
  • You can easily win the PVP battle
  • No ads

How to install the dragon city

The installation of this game is very easy.

Click on the button

Wait for the file

Then easily install the dragon city game for your android device and enjoy it.

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If any questions about dragon cityplayedo you do not have to ask questions from anyone. Below the comment section to ask any types of questions related to the game, we will clear your every question. We’ve answered some of the questions that come to mind most.

  • Is the dragon city new version free?

 Yes, the version is 100% free this game and play, do not worry about it.

  • Can I play this game offline?

No, you can’t play offline it is an online game, you play with friends on Facebook and enjoy.

  • Can I play this game on iOS and PC?

Yes, this game is available for IOS and PC, and so many times I told you this game is free and safe.

  • What will I do with these gems?  

With the help of Gems, you can purchase anything like speed-up breading, many dragons, and much more anything. Gems are important to play role in this version.

Dragon City All Old Version

Dragon City version 22.3.1

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