Fastest Way To Earn Coins In Hill Climb Racing | Best Stage For Coins

Playing hill climb racing game is very easy but when you play it with high voltage then you must need Unlimited Coins. in this article I will show you What is the fastest way to get coins? or how to earn gain more coins in hill climb racing game to play and compete your competitor with high margin.

Here are a lot of stages in the hill climb racing game but what is the best stage to play it and win more coins? every racing player asks the question can this type is stage is available if yes what is the name?

Fastest Way To Earn Coins In Hill Climb Racing

in the HCR game, the moon course is the best stage to play and get earn more coins. One of the easiest ways to earn cash on this track is to ride a Motorbike Bike. You may get 150,000 coins each time you perform successfully! (Maximum levels in all four types)

Moon + Motocross Bike = 250000 coins.

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Players Answers Question About More Coins


Reverse on the moon with the vehicle – you earn roughly 300 coins per free airtime when moving on in the vehicle, and while you’re air, press the stop button to collect up to 3500 coins.


Kittie Xpress on Motorway level max up, 1 billion coins every round upwards of.


Diesel on the highway may easily fetch you 1 million each trip (9005m). I have not yet tested it just yet, however, some people are claiming 1700m with the kiddie express; nevertheless, it takes around 33 billion to completely improve it (and it was quite pathetic before that).

What do I use and which is best for me?

I always use the moon stage for more coins and with it, I use a motocross bike. If you use these both so you will never end coins. it is also called a coins machine in a hill climb racing game. When completely improved, the Motocross Bike spins extremely fast (thanks to the Mid-Air Control improvement), and when paired with the moon’s reduced gravity, you may earn up to 20,000 coins every time you depart from the ground. The moon coins are always used for coins farming

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