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App NameModern strike Online
publisherAzure Interactive Games Limited
size37 MB
Latest Version1.52.1
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Modern Strike Online Mod Apk Description Modern Strike Online is a free-of-cost game for Android and PC devices from Azur Interactive Games Limited. Modern Strike Online is the product of Azur Interactive Games Limited. This game is totally free and made for android devices. By playing this game with friends and you will choose the side for which you want to battle, and enter the battlefield. Your role in the game may be as

Modern Strike Online Mod Apk Features

In Modern Strike Online first, you will participate as a police or special force member, and you need to be fully armed with useful weapons. In this game, you can take a position on any side, choose the side for which you want to fight, and enter the battlefield. Save your life and kill the enemies as much as you can.


In Modern Strike online you have different kinds of guns to practice in battle. Choose your best suitable weapon to complete the given task. Be aware and carefully choose your type of weapon. Assess your abilities according to the events to achieve great success against the enemies. As in the real life, a person can fire the weapon by moving his finger, the user can feel the same in this game.

The users of the counter-strike games will feel happy with these firing features of the game. From a regular rifle, and a shotgun, to a karambit knife, every weapon is available in this game. Almost 50 types of remarkable and exceptional weapons are available to use against your enemies and be victorious.


Modern Strike Online Mod Apk is a devoted multiplayer game, where you can invite your friends to play and defeat them. Select your own team and achieve your aim. Every team has its own aim/target of the game. If a player in the game plays as a terrorist, so he must put a bomb and explode it to destroy the area. If a person playing the game police or special force unit, so he must go to the place to defuse the bomb and prevent the destruction.

In each task, in the game, a player will follow their own team’s interest in the fight against the opposite team. Playing this game with your friends is much more interesting. As this game can be played online, so you can play in the same place or from any part of the world. This game is much similar to the Counter-Strike on PC.

If you have played counter-strike pc games before the Modern Strike Mod Apk is so familiar to you. Also, the battle and divisions in this game are the same to counter strike on pc. The core of the gameplay is so much easy to know, just request your friend to join the game, and start firing against your friend. Try your best to be a top player on the ranking board.


Modern Strike Online development team tried their best to produce such an easy control system during the clashes. Every player who played a shooter/action game before, will feel relaxed and surprised playing this game during the battle against the opponent, with such an easy control system of the game.

It is easier to control the gameplay using the touch screen. For moving your hero use the left side of the touch screen, while on the right side of the screen there are buttons for shooting, reloading, and, aiming. In this type of game, everything is quite easy and controllable. For defeating the opponent team you need to use your full gadget to win.


In Modern Strike Online your progress in the game and fights will improve your character. While the currency you earned during the fights will improve all the things you need in the game. In case you earned money in the game, it will not only improve your weapons, but also you can take new weapons and even can improve your firepower and your team.

Not only improving your fighting power but also during the breaks you working time or rest at home, there is a lot of fun to enjoy in this game. Just request your friend or family members to play and enjoy the game on your mobile devices.


Modern Strike Online has the best level of graphics. The development team tried hard to feature each character, weapon, and ammo in perfect condition. The followers of the games Call of Duty, and CS: GO mostly like such kind of graphics as in this game. The sound system of the game will surprise you such as in reality. The sound will deliver you to the real process of the battlefield.


The MOD of Modern Strike Online is very helpful to the player, as it helps you to kill your enemies in the quick possible short time. In such MOD you have an opportunity for unlimited ammo, and no need to reload the weapon. The gameplay has very special ammo features in this game. The simple Game without Mod Version is available on the play store but in it everything is limited.


When you install Modern Strike Online, you will get unlimited ammo in the package. So you can defeat easily the firepower of the enemies, as you no need to reload your gun. Thus quickly fire your opponent until death. Due to the mod of unlimited ammo, it is easily possible to defeat the opposition.

 Also, the developers make it clear that there are no harmful viruses or other programs in the game that could damage your device. You can enjoy the game with the best results to be a master of the game.

Select your weapon, enter the warzone, and fight for your team against the enemies. This is your choice to play as a terrorist or anti-terrorist. Playing as a terrorist you will place the bomb to explode. While playing as an anti-terrorist/police special unit you will neutralize the bomb to prevent destruction. In some points the entire gameplay is similar to CS: GO while in some points it is different from CS: GO, such as different modes and different game tasks.


Modern Strike Online Mod Apk is a shooting/action type of game for those fans who like action/shooting games. In the gameplay, two opponents will shoot each other until one of them becomes victorious. The unlimited ammo feature will help you to save time and resources, as you do need to reload your gun again. Play the game well and easily.


The downloading and installation process is very simple and easier on this website. If you have already downloaded the mod app from other sources initially, then follow the below process.

1. To start the download procedure clicks the download APK button.

2. When the download is completed go to your file manager and click the application file

3. If you installing the APK file for the first time, you need to open your device sitting and make sure the “allow from this source” tab is on.

4. When the installation is complete, the game is ready to play. Remember for installing this modified version to your device you need to delete the original version of Modern Strike Online first, doing this error will not occur during the installation.

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