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App NameMr autofire
publisherLightheart Entertainment
Latest Version1.14.3
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Mr. Autofire games provide you with the final shooting knowledge and sprouting down impressive aliens. This is an action category base game with an exclusive adventure arrangement, and the player of Mr autofire will resistor his personality to discover the alien all over the world. The greatest electrifying object is that you will turn out to be the focus of care of those petrifying aliens, and they determine discovery habits to bout and abolish you. By larger shooting aptitude and in height self-protection aptitude, it will be a sensational struggle between you and the aliens. Occupancy’s match to the finish and get the conquest for ourselves.


Mr. Autofire, in comparison to other games in the category, introduces a fresh style to the shortlist and creates a variety of materials to make the experience. The heart of the game is a corner platform, but it’s been coupled with a slew of additional standout components that make each level challenging and challenging for players. It has a wide range of materials, allowing players to select from a choice of heroes or weapons, as well as personalize the upgrading system to better each character’s battle effectiveness. In addition, the skill structure will be used in the game, forcing players to concentrate on shooting and actions while developing successful tactics against each adversary.

Mr autofire mod apk Features

Features are the main source for every player without unlimited features you cannot beat anyone, I will tell you all the features one by one

Simple control

The game’s method of control and display are well-designed and user-friendly, providing players with the cleanest and most versatile control experience possible. Furthermore, the game will support a variety of control settings, allowing players to tailor their gameplay to their preferences. The game will provide gamers and some of the most versatile elements all through the game: vehicle & auto-fire. These factors simplify the action, but players may alter and personalize the control system to give the game a unique feel.

Unlimited Coins and Gems

In this mod version, you easily generate unlimited gems and coins without spending real money. With the help of this money and gems buy anything from the shop when you need weapons some characters and gears. In apk version, they are uploaded to the play store, and everything is limited but in the Mr autofire mod apk latest everything is unlimited feel free to download this game and enjoy.

One kill hit

As you progress through the game, the degree of difficulty rises dramatically. It becomes more difficult to complete the level while dying. To assist you in these challenging situations, this mod includes a one-hit kill capability that allows you to easily dispatch the aliens.

Collect powerful weapons with gadget

Without the need for a sturdy and trustworthy weapon, a powerful hero becomes worthless in the face of the adversary. The game will have a large weapon system organized into many genres, as well as numerous upgrading systems that will allow players to design their own combat style. Each weapon’s productivity varies, and the heroes’ abilities can impact it. When the player achieves the minimal milestone, the player can uncover each weapon’s secret potential. The gun’s improved system includes several features and functionality, and the gun’s look will be altered according to the personalization options available.

Graphics and Sounds

Mr. Autofire’s backdrop is a nice and appealing 2D design. You won’t have access to a hefty, better graphics platform, and the games have a simple framework. The game is straightforward, and the 2D visuals are well-crafted. The game has a lovely graphic design, and the visual arrangement might elicit positive emotions. The level’s opponents and backdrop settings are all well-designed.

The relaxing nature of anything on the screen might make you grin. The music is lively, enjoyable, and leaves a positive impression. Various tracks can be heard. The music is mostly pleasant and calming. aids you in surviving difficult and demanding battle situations “Endurance: infection in spacecraft” is a game that is comparable. The game is an action shooter set in space with a gripping storyline.

The game has a dungeon environment and typical action gameplay. You recall the action-packed atmosphere of classic 8-bit games. In a typical action setting, the game has a plethora of fascinating weaponry. You will have a fantastic time playing this intense game with a fascinating mystery tale. 2D pixel artwork with vintage effects, as well as intriguing spatial music. There are many labyrinth levels to discover and conquer in this game.


Mr autofire mod app for Android is a great action game with humble gameplay. You show as an authoritative warrior, touching rapidly about, and gunfire depressed a troop of rough aliens. Developed a physical hero, prepared to abolish all alien attackers, and but the creation after alien contagion. The latest game suggests an imposing store of arms and competitors, exciting and outstanding gameplay. You are continuously thrilled when aggressive against the opponent, and continuously prepared for the following equations. Attractive 2D graphics and immersive sound benefit your growth in your remarkable action practice.


Is it safe to install Mr Autofire MOD APK?

Yes, it is safe 100%. I have checked its own working file.

Main features of this Mod version?

Unlimited coins, Gems, and unlimited Money with No Ads.

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