War machines v7.0.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Tanks/Maps)

NameWar Machine
Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
latest version6.11.0
Size97 MB
 DeveloperFun Games For Free
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War machines MOD APK is a multiplayer online shooting game that allows them to play fight with competitors or plays solo in fights. The game looks like a real game and available different types of tanks battle to improve your fight with competitors. Play beside your groups in high-speed real-phase battles to get the greatest hero in the war machine game.

War Machines offers a diverse selection of powerful tanks to players. Based on the terrain and tactics, each type will have benefits and drawbacks. After earning a set number of points, players would be able to open up new tanks and get to choose which pieces to upgrade. You can also add gorgeous decals to customize the vehicle.

Game Overview

War Machines is a simple game to play, but success demands some strategic thinking. You will be driving a tank combat automobile on a terrible battleground in this game. In order to win, you must destroy all of your opponents. The navigational keys on the left side of a play screen can be used to control the player’s tank. By moving the upper side of the screen, gamers can manipulate the rotation of the gun barrel. The barrel can be rotated 360 degrees, and as the user spins it, the game’s camera rotates with it, allowing the player to possibly watch and aim.

Use the shoot button at the top left side of the screen with the gun icon to resolve. Aim carefully to guarantee that the shot lands on the intended target. Avoid standing still in a position that moves a lot to avoid hostile fire. Just at bottom of the screen, a warning bar for the tank’s HP would display; if your tank’s HP hits 0, then will lose. When a supply item is accessible, it will provide a range of advantages in the game, including HP restoration, increased damage, faster reloading, and so on. You will earn points if you eliminate your enemies. You will also be resurrected and allowed to maintain playing if your tank collapses.

War machine Mod Apk Features


War machine mod apk latest version is beautiful and has stunning graphics also available in 3D photos format they engage war machine player game.

The act in the game is similarly approved out in a totally genuine method; gamers will intellect like equine their tank on a real land then captivating portion in a like real war. The tanks in the game too are intended very real, and honest to detail. Like bracing a delightful time at the same time as it develops yet is concerned with authentic war.

Sound and effect

Every gamer who likes a game for first time checks the sound and then plays the game as same as the sound of war machine mod Apk (unlimited money and gems) is attractive and every gamer like the sound of this game with high rating. Different types of sounds like the sound of bullet and tanks are different voices. So, do you require a tank to fight against powerful Empire countries like the United States, japan, and china… or not? War Machines has become available for download, allowing you to take participants inside the brutal conflict right now.

A lot of Game Modes for Added Fun

War Machines’ new game modes will make the battlefield increasingly challenging and enjoyable. According to the game mode, the laws & duties of the gamers change, and there will be extra natural features for players to promote better effectively. Because of the variety of game kinds, the reward and personalized ratings are different, giving players a variety of ways to get the most out of the game. Not only that, but the game will introduce new game modes on a regular basis for a short time, all of which are creative methods for players to decompress and leave the violent battlefield.

Different types of tanks

When you fight with others you will fight with the help of tanks, it is essential for this game. But in the start, there is only one tank offered to you when you fight. Isn’t it going to be tedious? As a result, the game has provided you with a large number of tanks to pick from, each with its own unique model, shape, and color.

It will be difficult to escape the vehicle shop once we enter since you will be captivated by a universe of many magnificent tanks. If you weren’t a tank enthusiast or had any interest in tanks before, you’ll be more intrigued than ever after playing this game. You can design your automobile to make it appear nicer and add your own flair in addition to purchasing accessible tanks.


With War Machines, the map is quite large. In War Machines, you can capture a variety of terrains, including a desert port, a village, a boat dock, a hill base, and an oil rig. From densely populated areas (like business estates and huge cities across Europe) to desert and oil resources, the landscape has changed dramatically.

You will also fight in a few battles, but you will also be transported to various locations and assigned to various jobs. There are endless thrills in store for you ahead. Why can you perceive the changes in the scenery, as well as in the space, color, and terrain? Driving tanks, as you may know, is very dependent on the terrain. Selecting a tank/a characteristic to update the tank to satisfy each scene’s terrain, in our perspective, is also an important component of the game’s tactics.

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