WAR ROBOTS MOD APK (MOD, Inactive Bots/Unlimited Bullets)

App NameWar robots
Package Namecom.Pixonic.wwr
Featureunlimited everything
Size86 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0

War Robots MOD Apk Introduction

War Robots Mod Apk provides a lot of new extensive fighting contests to users and featured progressive digital robots fitted out with front-line weapons collections. Fighting among robots is not a boring game, but it depends upon the user’s skills and determination the fights in the battle.

The robots are presented in the game in different types of shapes. War Robots is a PvP Multiplayers game that fascinates lots of players everywhere in the world.  As the game has continuous updates it means that the game is still improving day by day. In War Robots you will find the most thrilling fights, and taking different war tactics on the battlefield with robots and different types of weapons.

 You need to take different areas from enemies using your best amount of weapons and gain the most damaging power against the enemies.

You can make your own unbeatable force team with your friends and fight against the other team. Use your maps locations correctly with your best fighting skills, and a well-planned approach to a warzone. Now you need to prepare yourself for gun shooting fights using robots and download this game instantly.


War Robots is a type of game that consists of a robot structure, so you can find so many characters to select for your gameplay. There are additional 50 types of robot models available to choose with strong, powerful, and extra-special skills for fighting in different situations. All the robots in the game used are fighting robots having weapons of mass destruction.

All the robots are established in such a method that the gamers can feel the excitement in the gameplay. In addition, you can play this game in your own way. In the game, you can find some special rules to use. If you are the kind of player who wants to enter into the enemies to kill them, or a team fighting player.

 You need to have strong fighting skills. Also, you can choose different kinds of weapons according to your fighting techniques. All kinds of weapons are available to use for fighting, including “LAZER RIFLE”, “BALLISTIC MISSILES” and “SHOTGUNS”. Select your preferred weapon and fit it into your robot. Also, you have the authority to customize your characters.


War Robots is a game of aggressive fights between the damaging robots on the battlefield. When the gameplay starts, the player is active to fight collectively with his teammates in the warzone. According to the selected mode of the game, your aim for victory is also regularly changing. Your aim may be to get a high score or fight till the end to survive. In the end robots from any side needs to defeat the opposite

robots completely. My tips for any intelligent player are to use survival methods in fighting against the opposite team. You should keep in mind that in War Robots you cannot correct any mistake later during the gameplay. Therefore you need to be careful and try to fight with an active mindset. As War Robots have very harsh fighting warzones.


War Robots is a type of game that completely defends Robots. A robot has a key role in the gameplay. They are actually technological machines used for war purposes. The main purpose of the robot is to fight for you and protect you against dangerous enemies during war.

There are two types of robots used in the gameplay, a common robot, and an epic robot. Every player is trying to use the epic type of robot in the gameplay. The epic robot is more powerful and uses special tactics against enemies during fights, which will definitely help you more conveniently in fighting against opponents.

Other types of robots are called Stalker and Loki. Such robots have the ability to hide from enemies and attack them when they are inactive for a time being. Also, some types of robots are specially used for the intensive destruction of enemies, and some are used for quick running on the battlefield. Besides that, you can upgrade your robots by replacing some parts of the robot. When you have a good financial position in the game you can upgrade your robots.


You can commonly understand that robots and weapons are two different things. But still, robots have their own unified weapons by default in the gameplay. These weapons are not too damaging against the enemies, as these are just common types of weapons attached to the robots. When you go forward you can face hard tasks in the gameplay. As your enemies are smarter and intelligently using dangerous weapons

to destroy you. Therefore you also need to update your robots with more advanced weapons attached to them. At this time War robots offer three types of weapons to any player. A player can use light, medium, or heavy weapons in the gameplay. Each type of weapon has its own competencies. A lower type of weapon is easy to handle but it cannot produce such destruction to the enemies as a heavy type of weapon can do. Besides that when the robots go forward in the gameplay they can unlock different weapons for use against opponents. A player can get four types of weapons to unlock, which will help them to fight continuously without reloading their weapons against the enemies.


War Robots are using almost 12 maps in the gameplay. Every map has its own locations and arrangements. That’s why you need to use some planes and strategies for fighting accurately against the enemies.

One of the largest maps in the gameplay is called Springfield, this map has a unique geography, this map has a river in between which is linked by a bridge to move both sides of the map. Also on this map, you can find some trees, open grounds, and deserts on one side, but the other side is totally different and contains some blockages, and mountains to resist your view and moves. Other maps are called Valley, Rome, Castle, and eight more different maps. By default, there are no hints to follow for traveling in these maps, but you can use these maps quite easily with progressive experience in the gameplay.


War Robots have different types of gameplay modes. These modes are mainly named, “QUICK MATCH”, “DOMINATION”, “BEACON RUSH”, “TEAM DEATH MATCH”, “FREE FOR ALL”, “ARENA”, and “SKIRMISH”. Generally, there are too many modes for players to get experience in the game. Further, these modes have two main categories, custom category, and default category. In the default modes category, a player will fight against the system AI. You can use the map randomly in this category. Also, the fighting mechanism is 6 players fighting against 6 players. The custom modes category has different settings for players. Players are allowed to make their teams or contest against their friends. Also, you can use the map to find and select different players for your team.


Due to its attractiveness, you can search different modes of War Robots on search engines. Some versions will offer you unlimited ammo, unlimited money, and no reloading required. These offers may also work. But the updated and common working mode is “Inactive bots mod”. It means you can take full advantage of the updated features of the game, with the most advance shooting abilities to improve your level of the game.


War Robots have already crossed their 50 million plus followers, and have different types of robots in the gameplay. So you also need to focus on the wonderful features of the game and be part of the 50 million plus fans of War Robots.


As in the War Robots, you can see very flexible solutions, and this is the most critical way of defining a good attractive game. So remember that War Robots have meaningful flexibility, as you can use up to 50 types of different adaptable robots in the game. Also, you have many choices to use advanced weapons, so you can win the battle strongly.

For your stronghold in the game you need to work hard then you can complete many challenging missions of the game. Otherwise, for your easiness, you can download the modified version of War Robots Mod Apk. In this version, you can get many desirable solutions for the gameplay without money. You can get infinite bullets and infinite missiles for fighting against opponents. So try to download this mod version of the game and become victorious on the table.


War Robots is a technically strong android version. It has strategically robotic actions fighting in an extra advanced environment. You can fight in a 6v6 form of gameplay; it means that the game will improve to more excitement when the number of players is growing in the gameplay.

ALSO HAVE SINGLE BATTLE OPTION Although the multiplayer game has very exciting gameplay, sometimes you want to play alone and enjoy the game. In that case, you can play the game in single mode.


When you are going to start the game, first you need to define your own robot with a collection of different weapons and defensive items. You can also use some laser guns and plasma guns for your robot to equip with a solid position. Also, you can use some strong protection devices to protect your robot in dangerous war zones. Your main focus should be to defend your robots and attack strongly against the enemies. War Robots is the game to play with more attention, define your smart plans according to your preferred weapons.


Starting the fight in the game, first, you have different options to adapt to fighting with special skills and unique abilities. As each robot out of the 5o types has its own special skills, so combining different skills and abilities for your robot will help you to win the battle in a remarkable position. Choosing your own skills and abilities resolves most of your hurdles in the way of victory on the battlefield. As it is an online 6v6 and PVP game, so keep in mind that you will meet with a more skilled and stronger contester. Be prepared to use your special skills and tactics against the contester and prove yourself as one of the most skilled and intelligent players in the online world.


War Robots is mostly focusing on the strategies and game planes of the player in the battle. Probably the team who is more equipped with advanced weapons may lose the battle, as they only focused on equipment. The winner also pays attention to help their teammates in different situations in the game. Provide them with some most important tactics for winning the battle. So keep in mind to be in contact with your teammates, and fight as a team to win the battle.


In accumulation to destroying competitors, you can whole special tasks on each map. Besides that to destroy your enemies, you also need to complete different tasks on each map. Completing easy missions, provide you some extra bonuses and other items for advance fighting missions. So unlock these bonuses and go to the advanced levels of the game with strong power, and become the hero of the game.


War Robots has a 3D graphics environment that feels you a warzone in real-world locations. Colour animations are so strong that you will fight in the game like a real robot pilot. Also, the development team provides you the solution to read the power of your opponent team by comprising their weapons against you. War Robots has effective voice solutions. That excellent sound quality will excite you to play the game with an active and attentive focus on the gameplay.


War Robots have enriched battles of excitement with strong robots. So make your robot the most powerful and strong with the latest and advanced weapons, and attack your enemies with a quick reaction. To complete the initial simple missions of the game jointly with your friends, go forward to the hard missions with customized options of different robots. Take each and every opportunity during the gameplay, upgrade your teammates with special skills, and become the winner of the War Robots. The game has an easy control system and beautiful vision, which help you to play the game at an advanced level and become a hero on the ranking table.


On our website, you will find very easy steps to download and install the game in a quick manner. But those persons who already downloaded the mode game from any other resources for the first time. Please follow the below steps for the gameplay.

1. the First click on the download button to start the downloading. Also, press the obb button in the same way.

2. When the download is completed. Go to your file manager and click the application file.

3. If you install the Apk file for the first time, several permissions from your device will ask to open. For completing the installation perfectly go to your device settings and click on the “Allow from this source” button.

4. Also unzip the OBB file to the SDCARD/ANDROID/OBB.

5. When the installation is completed now available for you to play the game. Also, remember. Delete the original version of the game in advance to stop errors occur in the mode version installation.

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